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Autodesk 3ds Max is an advanced software for animation, 3D Modelling and rendering software. For professionals in the game and film industry, the software is very suitable. Furthermore, the software offers many tools to improve your designs significantly.

It uplifts the project or company on three levels. To start with, 3D animation and dynamics. For instance, the 3ds Max Fluid tool enables the user to create realistic behavior of liquids. In addition, it is easy to animate imported simulation data. Furthermore, the user can create impressive particle flow effects like fire, water, spray and snow. Motion Paths, general animation tools and rigging tools, are the other animation tools.

To continue with, it enables the user to produce powerful 3D renders and computer graphic design. The user can use tools to create amazing VR visualizations. The user can simulate camera settings, by using the physical camera tool. In addition, the user can create detailed views of architectural scenes with the Autodesk Raytracer Renderer and benefit from the improved ActiveShade rendering.

Last but not least, it offers a wide range of tools to produce 3D models. Based on Fusion 360, use spline tools or create wood texture. For mesh and surface modelling, use the tools that are required. 

To conclude with, it is easy to use. The reason is of its asset library, its smart asset packaging, its modern user interface, its modern workspaces and its improved pipeline tools integration.

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3ds Max Training Course in Bangalore

3ds Max Training Institute

3ds Max is formerly known as 3D Studio and 3D Studio Max, is a professional 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations, models, games and images. The development and manufacturing is done by Autodesk Media and Entertainment. A flexible plugin architecture and must be used on the Microsoft Windows platform and it has modeling capabilities. Video game developers, many TV commercial studios, and architectural visualization studios use it frequently. A 3D or 3D Modelling is a mathematical representation of 3dimentional object and it is also used for movie effects and movie pre-visualization. The latest version of 3ds Max is created using a set of points that are connected by lines and curved surfaces also features shaders (such as ambient occlusion and subsurface scattering), dynamic simulation, particle systems, radiosity, normal map creation and rendering, global illumination, a customizable user interface, new icons, and its own scripting language, for its modeling and animation tools and 3d max course.

3ds Max Training Course Syllabus

3ds Max Training Course in Bangalore



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Course Level: Short Term course
Eligibility : 10th / 12th /  Graduates In Any Stream
Course : 3D Animation
Course Code : 3DA
Duration : 2 Months
Course Fee: 8,800/- 
Registration Fee: 500/-

*Registration fees are Non- Refundable after 5 days from the enrollment.

Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: 3ds Max Interface
Session 3: Setting Up Project Workflow
Session 4: Modeling In 3ds Max
Session 5: Architecture Model
Session 6: Introduction to Animation
Session 7: Animation Principles
Session 8: Character Poly Modeling
Session 9: Texture & UV
Session 10: Rigging
Session 11: Lightning Interior
Session 12: 3ds Max Rendering
Session 13: Mental Ray

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