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Computer Training Education, Computer means different things to different people. The computer principle of INPUT PROCESS and OUTPUT PROCESS  is applied to the computer. Computer is an electronic device, Mr. Charles Babbage, is the father of computer, computers are capable of solving problem and manipulating data, performing prescribed operations such as arithmetic and logical units, control units, registers for supplying the results through the output unit. As of now fundamentals of computers is mandatory for every organization. A person should have computer knowledge because it is very easy to handle any task with the help of the computer any kind of task or work is possible.  The impotent technical developments in the computer field are best brought out by using a familiar classifications of computers. There is no age limits or precise qualification required to learn a computer course that applies for everyone, if you are interested and ready to learn computer, its easy and very useful which is why companies prefers computer knowledge because comparatively computer can perform fast and easier than man force and it also cost effective. Now computer is ruling the world where we help you to rule the world through our education in very short duration. We all know our world is been functioned by computers. IDreamKraft Best Computer Training Institute In Bangalore, will provide you the best understanding and knowledge from the scratch to end.

Learn the Basics of Computer From,


Computer Training Institute in Bangalore

Computer Training Institute

Learn basics of Computers Course, that includes. Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint), WWW, Internet, Windows. Learn Operating System, Windows is nothing but graphics based operating environment from Microsoft. It provides a desktop environment similar to the Macintosh, in which each active application is displayed in a realizable, movable window on the screen. Initially Windows ran on DOS platform, but nowadays it runs on its own platform. Windows for work groups was introduced in 1993. Windows was faster and supported multimedia fonts, drag and drop, among other features. Windows was the first version which networking. Later it was intensified to Windows NT. IDreamKraft Computer Institute gives you the best Computer Training in Bangalore, K. R. Puram.

Computer Training Course Syllabus

Computer Training Institute in Bangalore



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Course Level: Diploma course
Eligibility : 10th / 12th /  Graduates In Any Stream
Course : Basics in Computers
Course Code : BCI
Duration : 2 Months
Course Fee: 3,000/- 
Registration Fee: 1,000/-

*Registration fees are Non- Refundable after 5 days from the enrollment.


Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: History of Computers
Session 3: Generations of Computers
Session 4: Applications of Computers
Session 5: Classifications of Computers
Session 6: Computer Systems Characteristics & Capabilities
Session 7: Block Diagram of Computer
Session 8: Computer Memory
Session 9: Need for Input Output Devices
Session 10: Output Devices

Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Windows Requirements
Session 3: Style of Your Desktop
Session 4: Configuring Windows & Other Programs
Session 5: Date & Time
Session 6: Display Settings
Session 7: Drives, Files & Folders
Session 8: Windows Explorer
Session 9: Calculator

Session 1: Internet & World Wide Web
Session 2: E-Mail
Session 3: Social Media


Session 1: Introduction to Word Processing
Session 2: Starting MS-Word
Session 3: Templates & Wizards
Session 4: Creating & Opening Documents
Session 5: Formatting Text
Session 6: Paragraph Attributes
Session 7: Bullet & Numbered List
Session8: Page Margins
Session 9: Tables
Session 10: Auto Correct
Session 11: Finding & Replacing Text
Session12: Previewing A Document
Session 13: Mail Merge

Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Spread Sheet Basics
Session 3: Getting Started with Excel
Session 4: Creating Different Types of Workbooks
Session 5: Moving Through Cells
Session 6: Types of Data Used in Excel
Session 7: Auto format
Session 8: Formulas
Session 9: Relative, Absolute, & Mixed Referencing
Session 10: Basic Functions
Session 11: Drawing Charts
Session 12: Print
Session 13: Database
Session 14: Filters

Session 1: Presentation an Introduction
Session 2: PowerPoint An Introduction
Session 3: Creating a Presentation Slide
Session 4: Open an Existing Presentation
Session 5: Auto Layout
Session 6: Components of a PowerPoint
Session 7: Using Different Views of a Slide
Session 8: Insert A New Slide
Session 9: Changing Slide Layout
Session 10: Recording Slides
Session 11: Hide Slides
Session 12: Onscreen Presentation
Session 13: Enhancing Presentations with Pictures Animation & Text

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