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.NET: .NET is an open-source, cross-platform, free developer platform used for building many different types of applications. You can use multiple languages, editors & libraries to build Web, Games, Desktop, Mobile & IoT. But it is not a language itself. The developers used it to build Software on .NET Framework that is C# & Visual Basic. Visual Studio is known as Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that provides development productivity tools and debugging capabilities. The development of gaming applications is like a helping way. It helps in the creation of Websites and Web applications. Because of .NET Framework responsiveness and having great performance, Gaming applications are better developed in this and remain longer. It is used by software developers. It is easy to understand, learn & implement. Since C# is a source of C++, which is one of the basic programming languages, parallel to Java, it is easy for Java professionals to learn .NET which is primarily written & engineered in C#.


VB.Net: VB.Net (Visual Basic.NET) is also an Object-Oriented Programming language which is also developed by Microsoft. It is implemented on .NET, Mono & the .NET Framework. In the year 2002, Microsoft launched VB.Net. Now the last version is VB 6.0. It is easy to learn. It uses implicit casting and makes it easier to code. It supports structured and unstructured error handling. It is used to create applications that work with Microsoft’s New .NET Framework. It has the same capabilities as C#.

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Dot NET Technologies Training Course in Bangalore

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Advanced .NET: Advanced .NET is the next step for developers who have learned a .NET language & the basic workings of the Common Language Runtime (CLR), & who now want to move to the next level.


ASP.NET: ASP (Active Server Page) .NET is an open-source Web Platform, a server-side web application framework designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. Programmers are allowed to build dynamic websites, web applications & web servers that are developed by Microsoft. It is cross-platform & runs on Linux, Windows, macOS & Docker. It is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), which allows programmers to write ASP.NET code using any supported .NET language. The ASP.NET components to process SOAP messages allow the ASP.NET SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) extension framework.

.NET Technologies Training Course Syllabus

Dot NET Technologies Training Course in Bangalore

Session 1: Source Files
Session 2: Identifiers
Session 3: Keywords
Session 4: Literals
Session 5: Types
Session 6: Namespaces
Session 7: Symbolic Constants
Session 8: Variables
Session 9: Scope
Session 10: Access Modifiers
Session 11: Assignment
Session 12: Operators and Expressions
Session 13: Statements
Session 14: Classes
Session 15: Interfaces
Session 16: Structures
Session 17: Enumerations
Session 18: Exceptions
Session 19: Delegates
Session 20: Extents
Session 21: Standers Modules
Session 22: Attributes
Session 23: Conditional Compilation

Session 1: Web Forms Architecture
Session 2: Web Applications Using Visual Studio
Session 3: State Management and Web Applications
Session 4: Server Controls
Session 5: ADO.NET and LINQ
Session 6: Personalization and Security
Session 7: HTTP Pipeline

Introduction of different Web Technology
What is ASP.NET
How ASP.NET Works
Use of visual studio
Different Languages used in ASP.NET.
Common Language Runtime (CLR)
.NET Framework Class Library.
Setting up and Installing ASP.NET
Installing Internet Information Server

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