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Adobe Edge Animate CC/Flash is a vector graphic software before going into the basics of drawing and flash it is better to first learn what a vector graphic is and how it is different from bitmaps. It was earlier known as Adobe Edge, formally also known as Flash Pro. Sharing a common interface with the other creative suite components is the workspace of Flash that has been modified. This is to make it easier for the user to work with multiple applications with similar appearances across the software's. The stage is the area where all the media and components are placed. The timeline is used to organize the frames and layers. The panels are used to manipulate and control the elements. While working in the Flash professional/ or edge Animate CC environment, all documents are saved in the .FLA Format. The files need to be published in the .SWF Format. If they have to be played in the Flash Player (for display on web from a CD).

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Edge Animate CC Training Course in Bangalore

Edge Animate CC Training Institute

The media assets (sound and video files) can be added and managed in a Flash Document by storing them in the Library and using them as when required. The movie Explorer can be used to view and organize the elements used in a Flash Document. Tasks can be automated in a Document by using the History Panel or the Commands Menu and using the Undo and Redo Commands. These are just some of the wonderful features of Flash that make this program the best of its kind. It is easy to use and understand the timeline with a system of layers. It is a web development tool developed by Adobe Systems that uses HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 functionality. Later, Adobe Edge suite became a part it, and was available as a free 30-day trial download from Adobe Creative Cloud. As of November 2015, it is no longer being actively developed.

Edge Animate CC Training Course syllabus

Edge Animate CC Training Course in Bangalore

Session 1: Introduction to Flash
Session2: Drawing Techniques
Session 3: Color Essentials
Session 4: Symbols
Session 5: Timeline
Session 6: Exporting & Testing Files
Session 7: Image Essentials
Session 8: Animation Essentials
Session 9: Text Essentials
Session 10: Filters & Blends
Session 11: Components
Session 12: Sound Essentials
Session 13: Video Essentials
Session 14: Action Script



Interested in this course? Ask for an admission about taking this course as part of Diploma / Advanced master Diploma / Short term certificate Course or walk - in today for free demo class.

Course Level: Diploma course
Eligibility: 10th / 12th / Graduates in any stream
Course: Adobe Edge Animate CC
Course Code: An
Course Duration: 2 Months
Course Fee: 7,800/-
Registration Fee: 2,500/-

*Registration fees are Non- Refundable after 5 days from the enrollment.



Module 1: Working with the stage
Session 1: Introducing adobe edge animate
Session 2: Creating & animating art
Session 3: Adding & formatting text
Module 2: Animation with edge animate
Session 1: Learning timeline & transition techniques
Session 2: Triggering actions
Session 3: Working smart with symbols
Module 3: Publishing your composition


In order to be awarded the "ADOBE EDGE ANIMATE CC", students are supposed to give their Theory and Practical exams for each module. If the student fails to attend the exam on the given date, re-exam will be conducted. Its mandatory to give exam for each module as mentioned in the curriculum. Demo reel / precise project of the elective subject has to be submitted to the head of the department at the course completion.

*(Please Note: Student failing to attend 80% of timetable program/ particular course will not be eligible to attend exams)


Classes are held Monday to Saturday, class will be scheduled as Practicals & Theory sessions in a week as (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) MWF & (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) TTHS cycle

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