A graphic designer helps you increase your sales and increase more traffic into your business. branding is what audience think—about you, your company, your product, or your service. Visual identity is the brand looks like from your logo.
why every business owner should invest in graphic designing and branding for their business. Good branding and graphic design can add real value to a company and actually generate revenue for those who invest.

When we are sent some of promotional or a branded email from an organization we have not dealt with, we see that the design is very poor with blurred images and obviously logo is the first thing we think? We think "that the company isn't very professional in its approach" and we move on to do something more interesting or find a different supplier for the products and services we are seeking.

When we see a poorly designed brochure or business card we tend to doubt the performance and skills of the organization they belong to. Business relationships are built on trust.

 good graphic design and brand builds trust and confidence in an organization. In our minds there is a direct link made between good quality design and organizations we can trust - In which major brand fails to understand this principle.

High quality graphic design, Even the most hardnosed money-orientated business person should realize that where there is good design there is additional revenue to be generated. Where there is a good design there is trust and positive feeling in a good business.                                                 The best loved and most recognized business brand have existed for many years, their design keeps up with current trends. During tough economic times we look forward to these brands as they make us feel secure and we trust them.

Organizations of all sizes can access cost effective, high quality graphic design and branding services through freelance designers rather than investing in employing a full-time member of design staff.

A logo is what identifies your brand using a particular design. your logo contributes to your brand identity, avoid images that appear frequently in other brands' designs.  something viewers will recognize anyhow graphic design improves your brand
Not only your logo should be easily recognized, but everything related to it. instead just stick with one thing. Just one. And it will make a lasting impression on your audience, as opposed when it's being constantly changed.