Graphic Design Training Course in Bangalore

Online Photoshop Training Course in Bangalore
Adobe InDesign Training Course in Bangalore
Adobe Illustrator Training Course in Bangalore
Corel Draw Training Course in Bangalore

Session 1: Introduction to Photoshop
Session 2: Preparing to Use Photoshop
Session 3: Graphical User Interface
Session 4: Selections
Session 5: Layers
Session 6: Color Theory & Color Corrections
Session 7: Painting
Session 8: Brushes
Session 9: Masking
Session 10: Layer Styles
Session 11: Undo Options
Session 12: Guide, Rules, & The Help Viewer
Session 13: Raster Vs Vector
Session 14: Doctoring Images
Session 15: Smart Objects
Session 16: Gradient
Session 17: Blending Modes
Session 18: Clone, Heal & Patch Tool
Session 19: Multi-layer Compositing
Session 20: Filters & Special Effects
Session 21: Power of Automation
Session 22: Intermediate Layer Concepts
Session 23: Output Options
Session 24: Camera Raw
Session 25: Special Effects
Session 26: Matte Painting
Session 27: Montage Designing

Session 1: Introduction to InDesign
Session 2: Interface
Session 3: Setting Up the Document
Session 4: Toolbox
Session 5: Organizing the Document
Session 6: Formatting Text
Session 7: Type Menu
Session 8: Using Colors
Session 9: Working with Image Objects
Session 10: Working with Graphic Objects
Session 11: Working with Elements
Session 12: Exporting to PDF

Session 1: Overview of Illustrator Basics
Session 2: Getting to Know the Work space
Session 3: Essentials of Illustrator
Session 4: Adding Colors
Session 5: Working with Drawing Tools
Session 6: Working with Formatting Text
Session 7: Organizing Your Illustration with Layers
Session 8: Transforming Objects
Session 4: Layers Colors Types & Appearance
Session 5: 3d, Special Effects & Working with Images
Session 6: Blends, Mesh, Mask & Libraries
Session 7: Working with Symbols
Session 8: Using Effects & Transparency
Session 9: Exporting & Saving Files
Session 10: Advanced Blending Techniques
Session 11: Illustrator & Web
Session 12: Illustrator New Features

Session 1: Introduction to Corel Draw
Session 2: Interface
Session 3: Controlling Documents & Pages
Session 4: Measuring & Drawing
Session 5: Zooming & Viewing
Session 6: Essential Objects
Session 7: Creating Basic Shapes
Session 8: Drawing with Line Tool
Session 9: Cutting, Shaping, & Reshaping Objects
Session 10: Organizing Objects
Session 11: Text Properties
Session 12: Linking Text to Objects
Session 13: Object Outline Properties
Session 14: Color Fills
Session 15: Blends & Contours
Session 16: Lens & Transparency Effects
Session 17: Depth with Shadows
Session 18: Power Clips
Session 19: Web Resources
Session 20: Customization

Graphic Design Training Course in Bangalore

Learn the essentials of Graphic Design | Changing Background and its Color

Study Graphic Design Training Course in Bangalore, at IDreamKraft

Graphic design is to plan, arrange and create the visual content to share & exchange messages and ideas of a project.

The elements that graphic designers use are: colors, images, typography, shapes and other elements so that they can easily communicate with the audience.

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Graphic Design Training Institute

What is the job of a Graphic Designer?

The job of a graphic designer is to understand the material that they are trying to communicate, it can be the nature of the company or the content of a book, newspapers, magazines etc, to make it appropriate and unique design of the material. Designing forms or websites for a company is also considered as graphic design. 

Graphic Design Training Course Syllabus

Graphic Design Training Course in Bangalore



Interested in this course? Ask for an admission about taking this course as part of Diploma / Advanced master Diploma / Short term certificate Course or walk - in today for free demo class.

Course Level: Diploma course
Eligibility: 10th / 12th / Graduates in any stream
Course : Diploma in Graphic & Print Media
Course Code: DGD
Course Duration: 4 Months
Course Fee: 12,800/- 
Registration Fee: 5,500/-

*Registration fees are Non- Refundable after 5 days from the enrollment.

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