Managing Director

Ms. Sandhya is the founder of iDreamKraft Productions & Technologies Our goal is to create best training institute in the world. Sandhya has an MBA from Karnataka University. Our goal is to provide the quality education. Where education is everywhere, but as a business. Our aim is to create the professional through our education. iDreamKraft was founded in the year 2012 with many dreams and expectations which helped us to establish in the year of 2017 successfully with ball the desired aspect. Where my 6 years of experience gave me the courage to act on my dream. One should always remember to reach any destination you need to take a first step forward and this is my first in my journey to reach the destination. Again, it was not easy for me to reach this stage. I don’t want the same thing to happen for other I Dream Kraft will guide you and follow your foot prints as you go.

And I also want to thank few people whom motivated me to understand my capacity and capacity at this point of time.

My aim is not only to help student with quality education but also the best professional for the industries. All the experts we know were once beginners. Rome (coliseums) was not built in one day. Let’s join hands to create new generation where no reason for perfection.

iDreamKraft the name itself tells you we are there to craft your dream into reality with best education. Knowledge is power; Education is enlightenment it’s in your hands to make use of it.

Mission of iDreamKraft is to empower young mind with advanced knowledge, skill, technologies and competence to provide them better opportunities to understand the present society to face critical analysis and face the digital world and enable them to constitute in creating the better world, which lead us to achieve our vision to liberalizing education not only theoretically but also practically to form an advanced and creative citizen, who in solidarity where other will create a society.