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Course Level: Diploma course
Eligibility: 10th / 12th / Graduates in any stream
Course: Advanced Excel
Course Code: EXCEL
Course Duration: 2 Months
Course Fee:  5,500/- 
Registration Fee: 3,500/-

*Registration fees are Non- Refundable after 5 days from the enrollment.


Advanced Excel

Module 1: Advanced Worksheet Functions
Session 1: Names
Session 2: Using Names
Session 3: Conditional & Logical Functions
Session 4: And, Or, Not
Session 5: Look Up Functions
Session 6: Other Useful Functions

Module 2: Data Consolidation
Module 2: Views, Scenarios, Goal Seek & Solver
Session 1: Views & Scenarios
Session 2: Goal Seek & Solving

Module 3: Using Excel To Manage Lists
Session 1: Excel, Lists, List Terminology
Session 2: Sorting Data
Session 3: Adding Sub Totals to A List
Session 4: Filtering A List
Session 5: List Statistics
Session 6: Pivot Tables
Session 7: Managing Pivot Tables

Module 4: Charts
Session 1: Introduction to Charting
Session 2: Formatting Charts

Module 5: Templates
Session 1: Introduction to Templates

Module 6: Auditing
Session 1: Auditing Features

Module 7: Other Formatting
Session 1: Formatting Cells

Module 8: Other Excel Features
Session 1: Inserting, Formatting, & Deleting Objects
Session 2: Reviewing
Session 3: Proofing Tools


In order to be awarded the "ADVANCED EXCEL", students are supposed to give their Theory and Practical exams for each module. If the student fails to attend the exam on the given date, re-exam will be conducted. Its mandatory to give exam for each module as mentioned in the curriculum.

*(Please Note: Student failing to attend 80% of timetable program/ particular course will not be eligible to attend exams)


Classes are held Monday to Saturday, class will be scheduled as Practicals & Theory sessions in a week as (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) MWF & (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) TTHS cycle