Ms.SITHARA.S.K; B.A (Journalism, Psychology, Communicative English and Mass Media) with a 3+ years of experience in the field of HR Management, Teaching faculty and Administration. By the experiences a person carry’s itself one can understand that what kind of multitalented they are. Where it an added advantage for the organization and to the role played as Admin and Marketing operation in I DREAM KRAFT
Mr. VENKATESH NAIDU; B.E from VTU University, he’ll be handling all the programming languages subject. Programming is to create a number of instructions and input them in computer according to the requirement for the function accordingly. Every action is programmed in a very systematic way it’s your desire and thought are implemented in programming language, the knowledge of writing computer language etc. The world is controlled by the computer. The inputs or the brain behind that is a human. This profession has huge number of demand and scope because every organization has this instrument called computer, till the machine is there in this world every aspect of this subject will flourish….
Ms. Jameela Sultana has BA, B.Ed. from Bangalore university and carry a solid 15 of experience in teaching, counseling in different expert subject where it adds upon the impression of the student towards the organization Ms. Jameela Sultana is our academic and student advisor her service towards our organization has a very good impact.