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What comes under Software Training?

Programming languages,

Web Designing,

.NET technologies,


Selenium and

Software Testing.

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Best Software Training Institute in Bangalore

Software Training Institute

Programming languages includes C, C++, Python.

Web Designing includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Angular.

.NET Technologies includes VB.NET, Advanced.NET, ASP.NET.

Java includes Java J2EE, Core Java, Advanced Java.


Software Testing includes Automation Testing, Manual Testing.

Software Training Course Syllabus

Best Software Training Institute in Bangalore

Session 1: Overview of the Programming
Session 2: Data Type, Constants & Variables
Session 3: Statement
Session 4: Function
Session 5: Pointer
Session 6: Preprocessor
Session 7: Arrays
Session 8: String
Session 9: Structures
Session 10: File Operation
Session 11: Operator & Enum

Introduction to CSS
CSS Syntax, CSS Id & Class
CSS Styling, Styling Backgrounds
Styling Text, Styling Fonts
Styling Links, Styling Lists
Styling Tables, CSS Box Model
CSS Box Model, CSS Border
CSS Outline, CSS Margin, CSS Padding, CSS Advanced, CSS Grouping/Nesting, CSS Dimension, CSS Display, CSS Positioning
CSS Floating, CSS Align, CSS Navigation Bar, CSS Image Gallery, CSS Image Opacity
CSS Image Sprites, CSS Media Types
CSS hacking, CSS , FTP Management
Understanding FTP, Setting up FTP Server (Live), Uploading and downloading FTP contents, Deployment
Deploying application on Web Server
Live Project, Preparing HTML from Design
Hosting on Live Server

Session 1: Introduction to Angular
Session 2: Creating and Communicating Between Components
Session 3: Exploring the New Template Syntax
Session 4: Creating Reusable Services
Session 5: Routing and Navigating Pages
Session 6: Collecting Data with Forms and Validation
Session 7: Pipes
Session 8: Dependency Injection
Session 9: Communicating with the Server Using HTTP, Observables, and Rx

Java J2EE
Distributed Multitier Applications
J2EE Containers
Web Services Support
Packaging Applications
J2EE 1.4 APIs, SQL
Oracle 10g XE installation
SQL-Basics (DDL, DML, DQL)

Manual Testing
White Box
Black Box
Grey Box
Functional Testing
Non- Functional Testing
Unit Testing
Integration Testing
System Testing
Incremental Testing
Non-Incremental Testing
Performance Testing
Usability Testing
Compatibility Testing
Load Testing
Stress Testing
Scalability Testing
Stability Testing

Session 1: Overview of the programming.
Session 2: Explaining Procedure Oriented Programming Language and Object-Oriented Programming Language.
Session 3: Tokens, Expressions, and Control Structure.
Session 4: Functions.
Session 5: Classes and Objects.
Session 6: Memory Management and pointers.
Session 7: Constructor and Destructor.
Session 8: Operator Overloading and type conversion.
Session 9: Inheritance – extending class.
Session 10: Pointer, Virtual Functions, Polymorphism.
Session 11: Managing Console I/O Operation.
Session 12: Working with files.
Session 13: Templates.
Session 14: Exception Handling.
Session 15: Introducing STL (Standard template library).
Session 16: String Manipulation in C++
Session 17: New Features of C++

Session 1: Variable Naming Rules and JavaScript Data Types
Session 2: Expressions and Operators
Session 3: Flow Control
Session 4: Objects and Arrays
Session 5: Defining Functions and Methods
Session 6: Constructors and Inheritance
Session 7: Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions
Session 8: JavaScript in Browsers
Session 9: The Document Object Model (DOM)
Session 10: How to Get Input and Output
Session 11: Managing Web Page Styles using JavaScript and CSS
Session 12: Handling Web Page Events
Session 13: How to Script Tables
Session 14: How to Script Forms

Session 1: Source Files
Session 2: Identifiers
Session 3: Keywords
Session 4: Literals
Session 5: Types
Session 6: Namespaces
Session 7: Symbolic Constants
Session 8: Variables
Session 9: Scope
Session 10: Access Modifiers
Session 11: Assignment
Session 12: Operators and Expressions
Session 13: Statements
Session 14: Classes
Session 15: Interfaces
Session 16: Structures
Session 17: Enumerations
Session 18: Exceptions
Session 19: Delegates
Session 20: Extents
Session 21: Standers Modules
Session 22: Attributes
Session 23: Conditional Compilation

Core Java
The Creation of Java
How Java Changed the Internet
The Java Buzzwords
The Evolution of Java
A Culture of Innovation

Session 1: Introduction to Python Language
Session 2: Python Language Syntax
Session 3: Python Keywords and Identifiers
Session 4: Python Comments
Session 5: Python Variables
Session 6: Python Data Types
Session 7: Python Operators
Session 8: Python Control Flow – Decision Making
Session 9: Python Control Flow – Looping
Session 10: Python Control Flow – Branching
Session 11: Python Numbers
Session 12: Python Strings
Session 13: Python Lists
Session 14: Python Tuples
Session 15: Python Sets
Session 16: Python Dictionaries
Session 17: Python Arrays
Session 18: Python user-defined Functions
Session 19: Python Built-in Functions
Session 20: Python – Modules
Session 21: Python User Input
Session 22: Python File Handling
Session 23: Python Exceptions Handling
Session 24: Regular Expressions
Session 25: Python Classes and Objects
Session 26: Python Methods
Session 27: Python Constructors
Session 28: Python Inheritance
Session 29: Python Polymorphism
Session 30: Python Abstraction
Session 31: Python Encapsulation
Session 32: Database Access
Session 33: Python Multithreading
Session 34: Python Networking Programming
Session 35: Python CGI (Common Gateway Interface) Programming
Session 36: Python GUI Programming

Introduction of different Web Technology
What is PHP, How PHP Works
PHP Syntax, PHP Variables, PHP String
PHP Operators, PHP If...Else, PHP Switch
PHP Arrays, PHP While Loops, PHP For Loops
PHP Functions, PHP Forms, PHP $_GET
PHP $_POST, PHP Advanced, PHP Date
PHP Include, PHP File, PHP File Upload
PHP Cookies, PHP Sessions, PHP E-mail
PHP Secure E-mail, PHP Error, PHP Exception
PHP Filter

Session 1: Web Forms Architecture
Session 2: Web Applications Using Visual Studio
Session 3: State Management and Web Applications
Session 4: Server Controls
Session 5: ADO.NET and LINQ
Session 6: Personalization and Security
Session 7: HTTP Pipeline

Advanced Java
Introduction to Enterprise Edition
Distributed Multitier Applications
J2EE Containers
Web Services Support
Packaging Applications
J2EE 1.4 APIs
Oracle 10g XE installation
SQL-Basics (DDL, DML, DQL)

Introduction to HTML
HTML Elements, HTML Attributes
HTML Headings, HTML Paragraphs
HTML Formatting, HTML Fonts
HTML Styles, HTML Links
HTML Images, HTML Tables
HTML Lists, HTML Forms
HTML Frames, HTML Iframes
HTML Colors, HTML Color names
HTML Color values, HTML Quick List
HTML Layout, HTML Doctypes
HTML Head, HTML Meta
HTML Scripts, HTML Entities
HTML Media, HTML Audio
HTML Object, HTML Video
HTML YouTube, HTML Media Tags
HTML5 Syllabus Covered
HTML5 Introduction
HTML5 New Elements, HTML5 Video
HTML5 Video/DOM, HTML5 Audio
HTML5 Drag and Drop
HTML5 Canvas vs. SVG
HTML5 Geolocation
HTML5 Web Storage, HTML5 App Cache
HTML5 Web Workers, HTML5 SSE

Introduction to SQL
SQL Syntax, SQL Select, SQL Distinct
SQL Where, SQL And & Or, SQL Order By
SQL Insert, SQL Update, SQL Delete
SQL Demo, SQL Try It, SQL Advanced
SQL Top, SQL Like, SQL Wildcards
SQL In, SQL Between, SQL Alias
SQL Joins, SQL Inner Join, SQL Left Join
SQL Right Join, SQL Full Join, SQL Union
SQL Select Into, SQL Create DB
SQL Create Table, SQL Constraints
SQL Not Null, SQL Unique
SQL Primary Key, SQL Foreign Key
SQL Check, SQL Default
SQL Create Index, SQL Drop
SQL Alter, SQL Increment
SQL Views, SQL Dates
SQL Nulls, SQL isnull()
SQL Data Types, SQL Functions
SQL Functions, SQL avg()
SQL count(), SQL first()
SQL last(), SQL max()
SQL min(), SQL sum()
SQL Group By, SQL Having
SQL ucase(), SQL lcase()
SQL mid(), SQL len()
SQL round(), SQL now()
SQL format(), Stored Procedure
Function, Trigger
Views, Cursor

Introduction of different Web Technology
What is ASP.NET
How ASP.NET Works
Use of visual studio
Different Languages used in ASP.NET.
Common Language Runtime (CLR)
.NET Framework Class Library.
Setting up and Installing ASP.NET
Installing Internet Information Server

Session 1: Selenium IDE
Session 2: Selenium Client API
Session 3: Selenium Remote Control (RC)
Session 4: Selenium WebDriver
Session 5: Selenium Grid

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