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The photographic post production industry has been redefined with the development of the digital image editing. It brought about radical changes in the art of photo editing and processing by simplifying the workflow. Skilled photographers took hours to follow difficult procedures for editing photographs; these procedures can now be performed by amateur artists also. Digital image editing has been a great contributor towards the world of photography, enabling procedures which were difficult or near impossible and retrievable editing procedures to images. Photoshop is one of the foremost editing software's which brought in these innovative procedures that have now become fairly common.

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Online Photoshop Training Course

Photoshop is a program designed for graphic and image editing that runs parallelly on Windows and Macintosh platforms. Photoshop is a standalone program which can be used, as a single program or as a part of the Creative Suite which includes Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Version Cue and other applications. Bridge is used to browse, organize and search for different images which and other media.

Photoshop has proven its creative ability in editing images and applying special effects and compositing; however, Photoshop has been the undisputed leader for digital image manipulation and restoring old photographs and creating absolutely new digital artwork. Photoshop is considered the best in the industry for digital photography.

Now to mention that Photoshop is not a "classic" drawing, or image creation, program. Photoshop draws a line, the line is converted into little dots, called pixels, unlike a drawing program which stores information about images as mathematical expressions (called Vectors).  The dots can come to look like lines when small enough, and with blended colors (anti-aliasing). The optical illusion is dispelled and you get ugly choppy lines, when magnified or reduced.

Online Photoshop Training Course Syllabus

Online Photoshop Training Course in Bangalore

Online Photoshop Training Course in Bangalore

Session 1: Introduction to Photoshop
Session 2: Preparing to Use Photoshop
Session 3: Graphical User Interface
Session 4: Selections
Session 5: Layers
Session 6: Color Theory & Color Corrections
Session 7: Painting
Session 8: Brushes
Session 9: Masking
Session 10: Layer Styles
Session 11: Undo Options
Session 12: Guide, Rules, & The Help Viewer
Session 13: Raster Vs Vector
Session 14: Doctoring Images
Session 15: Smart Objects
Session 16: Gradient
Session 17: Blending Modes
Session 18: Clone, Heal & Patch Tool
Session 19: Multi-layer Compositing
Session 20: Filters & Special Effects
Session 21: Power of Automation
Session 22: Intermediate Layer Concepts
Session 23: Output Options
Session 24: Camera Raw
Session 25: Special Effects
Session 26: Matte Painting
Session 27: Montage Designing

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